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Mondo shtuff from around the internet, all about ZOIDS!

Crappy translations: History of Zoids (part 1 of hell knows): I actually did this a while back, but I’ve been forking through it today. Hopefully it’s slightly a tiny bit less broken :D. Please note: (ゾイド)星人 (Zoid) planet-people – Zoidian(s) ゾイド星 Zoid-planet/Planet Zoid – Zi Earth tribe is 地底 depths of the earth, not just 地 earth, but that looks funky…

My botty best at summarizing from Wikipedia: Zoids (, Zoido) is a science fiction media franchise created by Tomy . the franchise started with a model-kit-based toy line . over 200 different designs have been released, some several released in 1982, Mechabonica was technically not a Zoids line . it consisted of three models that would later be re-released as the first three Zoids (Garius, Elephantus, and G SZ IV (Garantula), SZ V (Aquadon) and SZ VI (Gorgodos) were supposedly planned as a continuation of the series but their release status is currently unknown . Radio Shack released the Mammoth Zoid in the US at the same time . the original American Release is commonly abbreviated as OAR by fans and collectors . the original Japanese release is commonly abbreviated as OJR . the models in this release were a mixture of ones directly ported over from the OjR, as well as recoloured Zoids . the Tank and Serpent Power Zoids from the OAR were released . most of the Zoids in the line were renamed . the line had its own story . Robo Strux line had two differently colored releases of several models . based on their color schemes, the Zoids were divided into two factions . due to lack of marketing and relatively high prices, Robostrux was rather Robostrux is commonly abbreviated as RS . the 1:24 line featured Zoids of similar size to existing ones, but scaled for larger pilots . like the regular Zoids line, they were discontinued after Zevle features its own “Battle Story” on the boxes . like the 1/24th Zoids it was a commercial failure and was discontinued . the pilot figures were unpainted and on sprews . there were no distinct factions for the Zoids, and no backstory was given . the Technozoids line was a failure and was discontinued after one year . a number of Zoids were left unreleased at the Zoids 2 line featured very bright colour schemes, with all the Zoids having at least some chromed parts . unique stickers with odd swirling designs . Zoids did have a backstory loosely based on (but not the line consisted of recoloured re-releases of older Zoids, but TOMY quickly began producing new designs . the line was abruptly discontinued in august 2004 . by the end of the line, there were the New Japanese Release is unofficially abbreviated as NJR . the line consisted of additional weapons and equipment that could be added onto Zoids models . customise parts line was discontinued in 2002 . the line consisted of recolours of existing Zoids and re-releases of older versions of some Zoids . like the NJR, the line was divided into Republic and Empire factions . the cancellation of the line left a number of new Zoids unreleased . much of the leftover stock was later released by Hasbro in Australia and the UK . in australia and south-east Asia, these Zoids were released the UK release featured several Zoids designs and colour schemes that were not available in the US . most of the Z-Builders were re-releases of the NJR Blox line, but the line included several Hasbro- the line was composed entirely of recolours of older Blox and Zoids . some models were altered slightly, or packaged with additional parts . the line abruptly halted in early 2005, with several items unreleased the line is most notable for the much-anticipated reissues of Houndsoldier and Gilvader . the new designs, namely the Bio-Zoids which had rubber armor, did not do well two sublines have also been released . the first is the Legends Series . with the cancellation of all unreleased Neo-Blox, the line was effectively dead . Academy Zoids have nearly identical packaging to their Japanese predecessors . age and repeated use of some molds, such as Command Wolf and Liger Zero, has caused degradation in line . line continues to sell Zoids exclusively in Korean markets only two different molds, the Red Horn and Gojulas, with a total of four kits being released . the line abruptly stopped after just two of the kits were released. two Zoid types, the Blade Liger and the Geno Breaker, were produced . the Liger coming in three different colors . these Zoids are smaller than the motorized models but larger than the Hasbro action figures the first Shield Liger was colored like the hero Zoid of the Chaotic Century series and included three small character figures . the second was painted black and silver and included the Beam Cannon like the limited NJR model the Modeler’s Spirit Series were produced by TOMYTEC at a 1:144 scale . these Zoids are not motorized but do feature posing gimmicks similar to Mobile Suit models . a model called the Mirage Fox was the first kit to be released in the new line . Battle Story allows collectors to piece together information about the Zoids universe . none of the english-language model kits feature this story the line expanded and drew in fans, with the creators wanting to appeal to fans of science fiction and animation . the two nations’ conflict turned into an ongoing series of stories included on the boxes and published in various magazines and 1989 marked a drastic change in the line’s focus, the first catalogue even calling it “Zoids New Century” the more ambiguous conflict became more “good versus evil” windup kits focused on curvy techno-organic designs with vacuum metalized parts . the line ended in the late months of 1990, King Gojulas and Descat marking the final designs . early on, both sides many of the characters were also tie ins to the Chaotic Century anime . they were also special pilot figures of characters who used them . in 2004 Prozen was revealed to be Zenebas’ son…and the current ruler of the toyline shifted to match, introducing the new posable “Blox” kits . they sold their work to both sides during the Republic’s bid to regain their homeland . the ensuing battles the story booklet included with the Brastle Tiger kit describing them as “disappearing back into legend” before the anniversary, this story was released as a book series titled Zoids Concept Art in 2010 . the first five series take place on the fictitious planet Zi. Zoids Wild does not have a confirmed setting yet . Chaotic Century and Guardian Force aired as one series in the US . in the US the story of Chaotic Century is split into two seasons . in Japan Guardian Force is considered the second series . two warring nations establish a joint military task force called the Guardian Force . Chaotic Century was the second series to be broadcast in english, following New Century . despite being the first series created in japan, it was the there are significant differences between the anime and manga, becoming more striking in the later issues . in new century Zoid battles have become a tournament-based fighting competition . the manga is based on a chines Bit becomes a pilot of their temperamental Zoid, the Liger Zero . he is aided by his teammates, Leena toros, Brad Hunter, Jamie Hemeros . Bit’s unique Zo new century zero has a number of animation cameos with Zoids from Chaotic Century and Guardian Force . this was the first Zoids series to appear on american television, airing in Cartoon Network’s Toonami block RD and his friends get caught up in a plot to take over the city . he defeats the Seismosaurus holding it under siege . about half-way through the series, the show was removed from the full series aired in australia and was later shown in Japan . at a certain point in time, there was a great quake on Planet zi . many cities were destroyed as they were swallowed in large before large series of natural disasters, all civilizations were at their peak . Survivors of the disasters gathered together and formed new civilizations . they searched for Zoids that are buried underground for human use . a teenage boy discovers an ancient Liger-type Zoid, the Murasame Liger . his village is attacked by skeletal “Bio-Zoids” intent on securing the powerful Generator . the comic is notable for featuring early work by Grant Morrison, including the epic and apocalyptic Black Zoid storyline . it gained its own weekly title, Spider-Man and Zoids .