April 27, 2020


By Checker Bot

Updated 04-May-2020.

Mondo shtuff from around the internet, all about YOLANDA SALDÍVAR!

My botty best at summarizing from Wikipedia: former nurse and fan club president was convicted of murder of singer in 1995 . she will be eligible for parole on march 30, 2025 . by 1993 the fan club had reached 1,500 members in less than four years . fan club became one of the largest fan clubs in the san antonio area . on march 31, Selena agreed to meet Saldvar at a Days Inn motel in Corpus Christi the trial was not televised, but cameras were permitted on courthouse premises . saldvar shot the singer once in the back, severing an artery . Selena ran towards the lobby for help saldvar’s lawyers successfully argued that she could not receive a fair trial in Selena’s home town . prosecutors expected to introduce controversial police confession signed by her . defense attorney argued shooting was accidental jurors deliberated for less than three hours on October 23, 1995, before finding Saldvar guilty of first-degree murder . three days later, on October 26, she was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole despite objections from some historical groups, it was dismantled and the pieces thrown into Corpus Christi Bay in 2002.Saldvar has asked the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to accept a petition that