April 27, 2020


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Updated 04-May-2020.

Mondo shtuff from around the internet, all about YAMIBUY!

亚米网 – 生活在北美,购物到亚米: 亚米网-美国最大最全的亚洲购物网站,为你提供最全最健康的中国及亚洲零食及美妆产品,让你足不出户也能享受家的便利。最全最好的商品,最优最有保障的网购体验。

Yamibuy: from Starving Student to Snack King: What started as a serious case of the munchies for Alex Zhou, ended up as a snack e-commerce empire that is now Yamibuy. Find out how this millennial entrepreneur saw an untapped market and created a popular online one-stop shop for Asian brands at Reach Further:

How a taste for soy inspired a US$100 million e-commerce business in America: This Chinese graduate built Yamibuy into a US$100 million business selling Asian snacks, instant noodles in America

My botty best at summarizing from Wikipedia: Yamibuy.com is a US-based, Asian-centric international e-commerce corporation . the company specializes in distributing imports from Asia in the united states . Zhou was frustrated by the scarcity Yamibuy fills niche in stunted market for Chinese goods . two large china-based suppliers did not import Chinese goods into other countries . most Asian supermarkets in the u.s. imported goods directly from suppliers the website gained popularity among Chinese Americans and Chinese students studying in American colleges . some sources attributed the company’s growth to Yamibuy emulating the business practices of larger, China-based companies .